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North East India is a cultural paradise, cherished in the Eastern Himalayas blending with rich wildlife, varied exotic flora & fauna and colorful tribes. Popularly known as Seven Sisters and One Brother, the region comprises eight separate states, namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Sikkim respectively sharing its international borders with Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. India is a home to 427 ethnic tribes. Out of which North East India possesses 130 major tribes and 300 sub tribal communities. Ethnic and linguistic differences are the major aspects which distinguish these particular states, thereby giving birth to a wide number of dialects, languages with varied culture and traditions. These tribes are said to be highly related with the ethnic groups of Indo-Mongoloids, Tibeto-Burmese and proto Austrioloids primitive human races. Each community and tribe follows their respective unique culture, customs, traditions and festivals, depending on their way of livelihood.

Nestled in its eye-catching beauty, North East India is a rich region with numbers of wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, botanical treasure which houses some of the rare and unique flora & fauna. Apart from these, attractive adventures like angling, boating, rafting and trekking, hiking, river cruise, caving and tea tours make North East India one of the renowned tourist destinations. It is the proud possessor of the World's biggest river island - Majuli, India's first oil well - Digboi, the largest habitat of the rare one horned Rhinoceros - Kaziranga National Park, famous historical site of Ahom era - Sibsagar, Manchester of the east - Sualkuchi, World Heritage Site - Manas National Park, Scotland of East - Shillong, rain capital of the world - Cherrapunji, unique natural wonder, the Living root bridges - Cherrapunji, the abode of Buddhists monasteries - Tawang, Switzerland of Northeast - Mechuka, the domicile of varied unique tribes - Arunachal Pradesh, birding paradise - Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and the land of colourful Hornbill Festival - Nagaland.

This majestic region, where the nation feels the first touch of early rays of the Sun in the morning is popularly a tourist's delight, bestowed by the nature of its charming beauty and unexplored mystery.

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The name Arkaya (pronounced as Aarkaaya) is taken from the Sanskrit word 'Arka', one of the most important epithet of 'Surya', the Sun-God. Our wide variety of tours in North East India are suitable for all tourists willing to experience best of India tour packages. Arkaya Holidays is a young and vibrant inbound tour operator based in Guwahati Tezpur Assam, specializing in offering expertly planned and coordinated tailor made tour programmes delivering the best hospitality and travel services in India's North Eastern States. At Arkaya Holidays, we promise to offer the most convenient travel services to our clients at the best possible prices with the highest standards of quality according to your choice, purpose and budget to enjoy tours in North East India.

North East India Travel Attractions Review

Marc Benonius Melania Antonius Boon and Karin Janssens of Belgium wrote... “We like India very much. Our visit to the north eastern part of the fantastic country was full of surprises!!! One cannot compare this part of India with the other regions. People are very friendly and absolutely much more serene. Religion is present in the area, but it seems to us that nature is more important in the Assam region. Being fond of nature, we decided to visit the Kaziranga National Park. It is a beautiful place to see because of the large number of Rhinos and Deer, a lot of birds and reptiles such as the Monitor Lizard. Visiting the natural park on the back of an elephant and coming closer to the wild animals was a memorable experience of our life. The Jeep drive into the big forest was really wonderful and breathtaking. We felt like a kind of calmness coming over us.”

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