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North East India Travel Tips

Foreign tourists willing to visit Nagaland, Manipur & Mizoram do not require special entry permits w.e.f. 1st January, 2011

1. It is your sole and exclusive responsibility to keep all required documents like Passport, Tourist Visa, Arunachal Pradesh Entry Permit and Hotel Vouchers etc. safely for the trip.

2. Keep some photocopies of your Passport and Tourist Visa along with you and also store them in an electronic form on the mailbox for any untoward incident of loss of such documents.

3. Currency exchange is available in few places only. We suggest the foreign tourists to exchange money in advance when they arrive in Delhi / Mumbai / Kolkata / Bangalore etc. in order to save time and avoid unwanted delay during the travelling hours.

4. Credit cards and traveller's cheques are not accepted in most of the transactions. So we advise foreign tourists to possess money in terms of Indian currency which is also cheaper than card dealings.

5. In North East India region, it is difficult to acquire a new mobile connection like other major cities of India. Besides, mobile telephone network does not work properly in some remote areas of hilly terrains. Internet is the most easily accessible connectivity for the guests to contact family members and friends.

6. Please remember that the most preferred check-in time in Indian hotels / resorts is after 12.00 noon and check-out time is before 12.00 noon accordingly.

7. Please accept the decisions taken by the Tour Manager / Tour Guide, who is responsible for your comfort, safety and security all the time during a tour program.

8. Keep yourself adaptable with change in climate, food habits, political situation and economy of the tour destination.

9. Remain security alert. Keep contact numbers of the hotel authority and local Police Stations.

10. Please keep your luggage and personal belongings safely.

11. Always use mineral water and take hygienic food during the entire tour program.

12. Please keep a personal medicine box with you all the time and prevent yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes.

13. Please remember that taking photograph and video recording are firmly restricted in the military bases and many religious places.

14. Decency should be maintained in every public places. We suggest overseas tourists to wear comfortable cotton clothes. Cotton trousers with pockets, a couple of t-shirts, thin, lightweight and waterproof jackets are most preferred attires.

15. Please enter into the prayer halls of any religious place only after removing shoes. Comfortable sneakers and open sandals are ideal footwear.

16. It is advisable for the tourists to carry small flash light, knife, thermos flask, kettle, spoon, mug, wet wipes etc. along with them during their journey.

17. Never try to take photographs of any girl or woman without taking her consent. Please remember that showing love for children, respecting woman and old people is a gentleman's duty.

18. Begging is a crime according to Law. Please do not encourage and give alms to any beggar.

19. Never carry any kind of firearms, ammunitions or toxic material since it is strictly prohibited in India and a heinous crime as per Indian Law.

20. Never smoke & drink alcohol in public places and avoid using tobacco products & drugs. It is a major offence punishable by Law.

21. Above all, foreign tourists across 148 countries can grab the opportunity now to issue their tourist visa online.

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